Hwy 56 N. Church of Christ

"The churches of Christ Salute You" ~ Romans 16:16

Church of Christ Hwy 56 Bulletin for Week of August 25, 2019

Pray for:





Joyce White                                         Donna Fugwa

Carmella Womack                             Judy Mingle 

Nelda Stanton                                   Al Bugg 

George Trail                                      Stanley Barnes

Eugene Womack                               Helen Turner

Kaitlyn Smith                                     Laura Bain 

Steve Hattaway                                Glenna Adcock

Jaxson Chalfant                                Briggs Davis 





Hospice has been called in for George Trail.  His address is: c/o Melanie Brown, 401 Sardis Grove Lane, Matthews, NC 28105


Steve Hattaway needs our prayers.  He had a negative reaction to the treatments.  And is in the hospital



This Months Birthdays & Anniversaries

Felix Mullican – August 2

Kim Swoape – August 3

Cynthia Burch – August 5

Benny Cannon – August 8

Bob Mathis – August 12

Caleb Walker – August 16

Vanessa Cannon – August 17

Tamera Merritt – August 20

Dexter Brady – August 20

Louie Jack Medley – August 25

Mason Medley – August 28

Clayton Hattaway – August 31



Dexter & Jean Brady – August 11

Upcoming Events & News

Area-wide singing October 18.

Next ladies Bible class will be Thursday, September 12  at 6:30 pm

Please check the pantry if you are missing any dishes.